When you are researching an assignment you will often use the work and words of other authors.

It is very important to ACKNOWLEDGE when you use the words or ideas of someone else.

If you do not, this is called PLAGIARISM, and is the same as theft.

All of the following are considered to be plagiarism:-

* handing in the work of someone else as your own

* copying words or ideas from someone else without crediting them

* failing to put a quotation in quotation marks

* copying so many words or ideas from a source, that it makes up the majority of your work, even if you acknowledge them

You can avoid most of these problems by CITING your materials carefully in a BIBLIOGRAPHY.

PLAGIARISM applies also to pictures, graphs, maps, videos or any media that you may use in your assignment.

Read the page on BIBLIOGRAPHIES to help your reference your research sources, that is, any books or articles you have found your information in.