Birute Galdikas was born on the 10th of may in Wiesbadan, Germany and grew up in Toronto, Canada she got a degree in anthropology at the university of California, in Los Angeles. When she had already decided she wanted to study orangutans she met Dr. Louis Leakey in 1969. Louis Leakey supported her in her work he also had supported Jane Godall and Dian fossey. The orangutan population used to be estimated around 500,000 and has now gone down to 10,000 this is mostly because of habitat destruction. Birute founded the Orangutan Foundation International to help orangutans.
Birute Galdikas was a primatologist and a conservationist she spent a lot of time observing orangutans and working with them. This feild of science is important because if there weren't people like birute helping the orangutans, the orangutans might not have anywhere to go. She has been featrured in the imax movie, Born to be wild, narrated by Morgan Freeman. Birute contributed a lot to helping orangutans by setting up her camp for them called Camp Leakey (which was named after Dr. Louis Leakey) and observing and discovering more about them. Birute was remembered for her incredible work with orangutans and for her amazing effort with Camp Leakey and the Orangutan Foundation International. She is also studied orangutans the longest than any other person. Her contribution to society included setting up Camp Leakey and Orangutan Foundation International Birute's work has helped to try and stop the orangutan problem, because orangutans could be extinct in
the next 10 years. This is a list of the awards Birute Galdikas recvied:
  • Indonesia‚Äôs Hero for the Earth Award (Kalpataru)
  • Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
  • Institute of Human Origins Science Award
  • Officer, Order of Canada
  • PETA Humanitarian Award
  • United Nations Global 500 Award
  • Sierra Club Chico Mendes Award
  • Eddie Bauer Hero for the Earth
  • Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Medal (Canada)
  • Chevron Conservation Award
  • Pride of Lithuania Award
  • Gold Medal for Conservation, Chester Zoological Society (UK)
  • Explorer and Leadership Award, Royal Geographic Society of Spain
  • Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal (Canada)
  • Satya Lencana Pembangunan Medal (Indonesia)
Galdikas holding newly confiscated orangutan infant "Douglas Soledo" in 2010
Galdikas holding newly confiscated orangutan infant "Douglas Soledo" in 2010

Born to be Wild San Diego Q & A w/ special guests
Born to be Wild San Diego Q & A w/ special guests

If I was to become a scientist I would become a marine biologist because I would love to work with sea animals and study sea plants.


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