Patricia Vickers-Rich was born in the United States on 11 July 1944.
She attended The University of California and Columbia University in New York She excelled in the study of Dromornithidae a family of large, extinct, Australian ground birds.
Patricia Vickers-Rich is a Palaeontologist, she study’s fossils. This form of science is important so that we can learn more about everything that lived before us and learn more about the history of our earth.
In 1976 Patricia moved, with her husband Tom Rich who is also a Palaeontologist, to Australia to continue her research on the Dromornithidae Bird family. She was best known for her work at Dinosaur cove .
She wrote two books with her husband these books are Australia's lost world and Wildlife of Gondwana.
Patricia Vickers-Rich won many awards:
  • Fulbright Fellowship - 1973
  • Eureka prize - 1993
  • Michael Daly Award - 1993
  • Whitely medal - 1994

In 1994 Patricia Vickers- Rich was in Russia and she was givin a 240 million year old skull of a reptile known as a Pareiasaur by the deputy mayor.