Joy Adamson, was born on January the 20th 1920, at Troppau Silesia Austria Hungary (now Opava Czech Austria.)She died on January the 3rd 1980 in Shaba Kenya, South Africa.
Joy was a Naturlist, artist and an author. This is very important because she was able to work with animals and still be doing what she loved like painting and writing. (Although she did love working with animals.)It is also so important because she really made a difference with those animals, and the things we do today with them we wouldn't of done without her effort. She really enjoyed working with lions and other animals, as she had a real bond with them.
Joy Adamson wrote a very famous novel called " Born Free " a few years later this turned into an American movie, which then wass made to a TV series. That was an amazing contribution to the society.
We all remeber her for having that amazing bond and experiance with the animals. Also as we know for writing her book "Born Free." another acheivment was, that she painted 700 paintings!
She was very important on modern society, because she showed us that wild animals were more than great skin for clothes or furniture. There was so much crulety going on for people hunting lions just for there skin. Which ovbiously Joy didn't aprove of.
I am not exactly sure of which awards Joy recieved, but i am sure she would have got something for her novel,movie and televison series. As well as her contribution to wild life.
I am most interested in Archaeology, because i find bones and old body's really interesting. The whole idea of researching samples of the body's and finding them really apeals to me.