Julius Lothar Meyer was born on August 19 1830 in Varel Oldenburg German at that time belonging to the Duchy of Oldenburg. He was a German chemist who invented his own periodic table which contained grouped chemical elements by thier atomic weights and properties.

The influence of C. F. W. Ludwig, under whom he studied at Z├╝rich, decided him to devote his attention to physiological chemistry, and therefore he went, after his graduation (1854), to Heidelberg, where R. Bunsen held the chair of chemistry.
He studied medicine at the university of Zurich and earned his M.D degree at the university of Wurzburg in 1854 (Graduation). At first his interests were in physiological but then he slowly moved into medicine. Meyer's contributions also included the concept that the carbon atoms in benzene were arranged in a ring, although he did not propose the alternation of single and double bonds that later became included in the structure by Kekule. His book on Die modernen Theorien der Chmie, which was first published in Breslau in 1864, has an early version of the periodic table containing 28 elements classified into 6 families by their valance.

Meyer worked in several areas of chemistry, but much of his activity grew out of his preoccupation with the classification of the elements.
He died april 11 1895 in Tubingen.

If I were to be a scientist I would be a inventor because I believe that it would be really cool to have my own invention which may make other peoples lifes more easy and simpler. My invention would have something to do with sport because I would like to do something for a hobby I love.