Sir Isaac Newton was born in Lincolnshire in the year 1642. He went to Granthem grammar school for primary and lived with the local apothecary. In his time there he was fascinated by all the chemicals. This may have been where his love of science began. He was said to have "extraordinary talent" by family members. He was sent to study mathematics and physics at Cambridge University. The University was closed to protect students from the black plague, and on returning, Newton studied alchemy. His first public appearance, was the invention, construction and design of the reflecting telescope. He made his own tools for the grinding of the lens and shaping of the tube. The area of science Newton worked in was physics and maths for the later periods of his life. His contribution to society was his finding out that white light is made up of all the colours of the spectrum and the idea of gravity. He was remembered for the apple falling out of the tree that gave him the concept of gravity and coming up with the mathematical formulas to prove it. He gained a very special award in his lifetime, he was knighted by the queen herself. He also claimed to have invented calculus which is a major section of maths. His thought of gravity contributed majorly to modern science because if we didn’t know about gravity then a lot of modern technology and teaching would be incorrect and useless. The field of science I would do is physics because I love to learn about how the universe works. If I didn’t do physics I would do zoology or mathematics. I would do maths because I love maths and numbers and algebra and how they work and how they influence the world. Zoology because I love animals and their behaviour and how they work and working with them as well.