´╗┐Galileo Galilei

By Catherine Crotty

Galileo Galilei was born on 15th February, 1564, in Pisa, Italy. In 1637 Galileo was going blind and died five years later he developed a slow debilitating fever from which he eventually died in 1642.

When Galileo was 17 he entered the University of Pisa to study medicine. One day he heard a lecture in geometry, and liked it so much that he stopped his studies in medicine and attended lectures in mathematics and science. But in 1585 he had to leave the university before he had completed the degree, due to having no money left. He returned to live in Florence and became a junior lecturer at Florentine Academy. During this time, he kept going on his own studies and a year later published a paper on hydrostatic balance. This paper made him a well known scientist.

Galileo Galilei studied astronomy and mathemathics, which make a significant difference to the world today as most things in the world would not be invented or discovered if it was not for mathematics and astronomy.
Without astronomy we would not have reached the moon, would not know the world spun or went around the sun..We would not know about the stars and about the planets. We wouldn't even know how night and day were caused.
Without mathematics we would know the length of things, we would not know our height, etc etc..