When you research an assignment it is important to give credit to the source of all the resources you use, whether you quote directly from them, or if you just use their ideas. A list of all the materials which have assisted you in your research should be listed at the end of your work. This is called a BIBLIOGRAPHY.

NB: Remember to record the details of all resources you use, at the time you use them, as they may not be easy to find at a later date!
Note the method:-


1. Author’s name – surname first.
2. Year of publication.
3. Title – underlined.
4. Publisher.
5. Place of publication.

e.g. Moorehead, Alan (1969) Darwin and the Beagle, Hamish Hamilton, London.


1. Title of article
2. Title of encyclopedia
3. Date
4. Volume number
5. Publisher
6. Place of publication

e.g. ‘Dian Fossey, The World Book Encyclopedia (1995) Vol.7
World Book International, Chicago.