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In Hums you have been studying Oetzi, the Ice Man. When Oetzi was discovered he was examined by many scientists who then worked together to complete a theory about who he was, where he lived and when he died.

There are many different fields of science including botany, biology, ecology, palaeontology, biochemistry, geology, physics, radiography, archaeology, zoology, forensic science and many more.


Your task is to research a famous scientist from history. This could be past or recent history.
Find out their birth date and the date of their death (if applicable).
Identify where they were born.
What area of science did they work in? Why is this area of science important?
Identify their contribution to society. Why do we remember them? What influence did their discoveries or work have on modern society?What awards did they receive?
If you were to become a scientist, which field of science would you prefer to work in? Explain why?


Your work will be submitted as a page on this Wiki. Title your page with your name and the name of your scientist. e.g. John Smith - Albert Einstein

The written part of your research should be about 300 words.

Try to include some photographs, diagrams or maps to make your presentation more interesting.

Remember to read the pages on Bibliographies and Plagiarism before you commence your assignemt.